Social Media Mentoring

Shika Chica


                            PURPOSE, GROWTH, COMMUNITY

Shika has been working in social media and public relations for 7 years working with brands such as Fairmont, Hilton Hotel, REVOLVE, tourism boards and more. Shika Chica, social media mentor, travel and lifestyle content creator and Owner of BlogIt Together. After 7 years working in the industry of social media, public relations and social media, Shika strives to support and help women public figures, content creators and brands find their voice on social media.

I now want to help you grow your online brand on social media whether that is getting brand collaborations, getting clients for your business, learning about social media, gaining self-confidence by putting your self out there or starting to create content and you don’t know-how. 

But first I want to give you a free monetization guide on how to get started on effectively monetizing your blog, online boutique or services.

I am also hosting this November an amazing mastermind where you will be getting over $2500 worth of knowledge every month for the price of $170CAD

I am so excited to share this free guide on how to monetize on social media with you. The steps that I am sharing with you in this guide has helped me so much on my journey for the past 7 years.  

You can download the guide down below so you can get started on monetizing your brand the right way.

Social Media Masterminds

New blogger maybe feeling a little lost on where to start? Just started your side hustle to leave your 9-5 job and overwhelmed on how to get people to notice your business? Been a content creator/ influencer for awhile and haven’t been able to get more or any paid collaborations?

I am so excited to be launching this amazing mastermind group webinar this November 2019 where you will receive all the ins and outs about how to brand your self effectively in the industry, how to gain good clients to support your business and why it is important to understand your value in the industry in order to gain paid brand collaborations. We will be having biweekly group webinars ( you will have access to them for 24h so no worries if you are at work and in another time zone), be part of a support community of female content creators where you well each other grow in the industry while being challenged so you can brand your business and content effectivly online.

I will be sharing $2500 worth of knowledge in this mastermind so you do not want to miss out on all the tips of branding that I have learned over the past 7 years in the industry. You can pre- register down bellow and keep an eye for your email so you can hold your spot and register to this amazing community!

“I have been greatly helped by having Shika as my social media mentor. I have learned the importance of consistency and engagement. This doesn’t come naturally to me and causes more naturally to me and causes more anxiety sometimes but Shika Is very calm and reassuring. She’s helped me push through insecurities and find my joy in what I love which is natural hair content and more. I’m very pleased to continue to work with Shika and excellent in my goals.”
"Since I joined Shika's social mentoring program, I grew up a lot ! and not only on my social medias but also as a person. I learnt a lot on how to take all benefits from social medias, my blog, youtube .... When I had my first coaching call with Shika I was so shy, and insecure.The more I get to work with her the more I improve on being consistent on my social medias and get engagement. Shika does not only help you with you social medias but she also helps you with your personal goals, like working out,eat healthy, socialize more with people... Thanks to Shika I got to know other people who are part of the program, I get to chat and collaborate with them. I don't regret joining the program, and I really recommend her program !"