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I am a Kambo Practitioner certified by IASP Association. I am certified in 4 methods from 4 tribes. Kambo is an original, holistic indigenous spirit medicine provided to us from the sweat of the Phyllomedusa Tree Frog in South America, predominantly Peru, but can be found in Colombia and Brasil as well.

The sweat is collected from live frogs who are tied up by the wrists and ankles for a short period of time and once the medicine is collected, they are released back into their natural habitat and celebrated for their offering.

The sweat is placed onto a bamboo stick and dried for several months before being used. Once the stick is ready to be used in treatment, the practitioner will moisten the sweat on the stick and then apply it to superficial burns in the skin that reveal the dermis so the medicine can go directly into the lymphatic system.

Once the medicine is applied, you begin to feel it working within 60-90 seconds. Your heart rate goes up, your blood pressure goes down.

You feel an immense pounding in your heart and a heat that overtakes your body. Dizziness then ensues and creates a euphoric sensation for some and an uncomfortable feeling for others which propagates nausea and induces the purge process. This purge is the elimination process and may include vomiting, excessive urination, bowel movements, sweating and deep congestion as the medicine works to remove built up toxins in our system and moves them to be excreted through our bodies natural elimination process. It can also include laughing, crying, burping, and swelling as the liver works hard to keep up with all that is being removed from your body. 
The medicine is then removed and the entire process lasts approximately 15-30 minutes, depending on the participant.

How is Kambo Applied?

It is applied with a tamashi vine or incense stick to burn small gateways on your skin to access the lymphatic system. 

I share this medicine in Kambo ceremonies, medicine retreats, private groups and 1:1. If you would like to sit in ceremony please check the upcoming retreats or apply here.

2024 Retreats

I am so grateful to be able to hold you in retreat all over the globe. Each retreat’s intention is to bring you to remember your being through working with the medicines of our earth. 

To learn more about each retreat & to apply please click the button below.

“Coming home and retreating back to a part of you that is calling you.”

April 20-24 2024

April 20-24 2024

March 20-27 2024

March 20-27 Portugal

March 20-27 Portugal

Integration Group Circles

Weather you just came from ceremony with madre in the jungle, sat with mushrooms on a meditative journey, experienced a kambo ceremony for the first time, our journey of our ceremony continues after we sit with the plant and medicine. 

My biggest philosophy is integration is key and 80% of the healing after going through the process. Alot of souls do not have someone when they get back to their reality in a new energetic energy to hold space for them, understand their journey or simply be held. This program is create for souls to have access to support and community after ceremony. Once a week we join live via zoom and share your experience, what changes are coming up for you and receive guidance on tools to support you in this time.

If you would like to sign up, please sign up here.