Welcome to our space where you will get inspired and grow with my travels, grow as a conscious/ spiritual being, Release that doesn’t serve you anymore, raise your vibration, attend events and retreats with other conscious creatives and find your authentic self.


How I Can Support You



Social Media Mentoring

Feeling that you need guidance with your brand? Are you overwhelmed with social media? Going through a shift in your life and need guidance? Perhaps you have a lot to release and heal from? I have been in media, marketing, and social media marketing for over 7 years working with some of the leading brands in wellness, travel, and fashion such as Farimont, REVOLVE and many more.




Wellness Mentoring

I am also a reiki practitioner and wellness mentor where I educate you about crystals, energy blocks, guidance in the storm that you are going through, energetic healing, empowering you and supporting you as you create the life that you deserve.


Get Away From the Screen and Connect



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Sometimes being a creator can be lonely and you just wish you have someone who understood your frustration for getting to understand all the updates with social media, someone to help you create content or know the right people to network with. I created Blog It Together 2.5 years ago when I felt there was a lack of collaboration or those who wanted to share information. Blog It Together’s mission is to empower up and coming women in the creative space and some of the leading influential women in the media industry to share their gems and help educate and grow the community. Starting with 15 people we have now attracted over 250 attendees in 6 locations such as LA, Toronto, Halifax, and Vancouver. Now hosting meetups, the Fall tour and other exciting events





After healing from trauma, anxiety, depression, numbing my emotions I needed to release, going through the lowest times of my life and building it all up again better then I could imagine, I now want to help you. I host destination retreats for women looking to heal from trauma, want to break out of their comfort zone, need energetic healing, going through a life change ( relationship break up, changing to a new city, etc), suffering mental health issues. We all are not working at our fullest potential and if you knew what that was, trust me you would never go back. There’s a reason you are here, the universe has ways to bring it to us.