Earth Dharma


Healers Training

a 12 month program for the healer that wants to learn how to hold space with integrity.

Welcome to your calling.

Create change for the collective beyond your human life.

Work alongside the earth and become initiated into the healer of your highest timeline.

  • The wounded healer.

  • The healer that feels that their space holding is changing.

  • Those interested in working alongside the earth.

  • Those who want to become an active leader beyond this program.

  • Those interested in collaboration over competition.

  • Those willing to step into the triggers of their own shadow and ego.

  • Those willing to step into their power and be an integral space holder.

Who this program is for:

  • Not wanting to face their shadow.

  • Not willing to sit in discomfort.

  • Does not resonate with "we know nothing, all we know is now."

  • Not willing to see all parts of themselves.

  • Is not a full body "yes" with their mission.

  • Does not resonate with working with the earth.

  • Not willing to step away from all they know to step into all that is in alignment.

  • Is not curious.

Who this program is NOT for:

what you will learn in this training:

  • How to work with the 4 elements

  • Discover your dharma

  • What is your healer archetype

  • How to protect your energy

  • How to make a healing business that is in full alignment with your path

  • Understanding purpose vs. passion

  • How to work with different plants

  • Reiki 1,2, and 3**

** Those wanting to pursue teaching reiki have the option to add this to the training
  • How to heal the wounded healer

  • How to hold space while going through your own healing

  • How to create boundaries

  • Emotional intelligence

  • How to clear money blocks on a DNA level

  • How to be an active new earth leader

  • Enhancing your gifts to share with the world and beyond

  • Beginner introduction to trauma-informed guidance

  • How to help the souls you support integrate

  • How to work with the moon to help you as a healer

What does this training entail:

teaching you how to be a new earth healer.

22 Recorded video trainings

With ceremony and Reiki 1 training in February (Initiation & Accommodation is included).

3-Day in person or virtual retreat in Canada

Where you can ask questions, take part in sharing circles and receive further training.

11 Interactive Group Calls

** Those wanting to pursue teaching reiki have the option to add this to the training.

Reiki 1, 2, and 3** Attunement

Teaching you how to be a new earth healer.

22 Recorded video trainings

Receiving your initiations with the lands and stepping into your leadership (Initiation, Food, & Accommodation are included).

9 Day Training in October

Become a certified healer.

Earth Dharma Facilitator Certification

Where you will be supported and encouraged to collaborate with past students.

Access to earth dharma alumni private group

Invitation to reunion retreat hosted by Shika

how to apply:

Read the program description, what it entails, and complete the Dharma Earth Guided Meditation HERE.

Step 1:

Apply to the program for a 30-min Zoom call with Shika.

Step 2:

Send your completed agreement, create your student portal, and send your first payment and create a payment plan. You'll get access to these once accepted.

Step 3:

Come with an open heart and be prepared to transform.

Step 4: