I am a medicine woman

Hi, I'm Shika,

I am Shika. I am born in Canada and ancestral roots from the Island of St.Lucia. My intention is bring souls home to self through the healing of plants, somatic healing and working with the elements. Also, helping other being connect with their unique gifts and share it with this world.

Started my jounrey as a public relations and marketing director at a young age. After going through physical trauma, my whole life got turned upside down and by body began to shut down. I then started to have more vivide dreams that I head before, but after the events that happened they felt more of a reality. Yet did I know, it was aya speaking me and healing me in my dreams. I spoke toa friend and eventraully found out the women I was dreaming of was, the grandmother medicine. 

Then I decided to sit with aya and through that first experience and since then my life has been a jounrey of coming home to my self again and again and again. This brings me to the doors that opened and what has happened for the past 7+ years that brought me to guide souls back home too.

If we truly were to embody and be what we want to see in the world, all suffering, pain and hardship would transmute to utmost love. So it is. 

I became a master in Sakem and Usui Reiki. This brought me to continue to be guided by the unseen and be on a mission to heal myself.  I was then brought to Bali in 2018 taking this time to find other ways of healing. After a 90 minute session of somatic release, I cried deeply for the first time in months. Many years later, I returned to Bali and trained in energetic somatic body work. This work has brought me to deepen my studies in TCM, chakras and womens health too. I have had the honour to learn  teachings from the Shipibo, Tanio, Arawak, Indonesian and various other lineages. 

I am a breathwork facilitator trained by Sacred Breath Academy. I went through a 1.5 years training learning how to regulate the nervous system in a trauma informed way while helping souls integrate plant medicine ceremonies with breathwork. 

My endometroisis, canadia, pain moon cycles and aya brought me to kambo. After going on a jounrey for 4 months, I was able to heal the side affects of almost all my physical elements. I was then lead to train for kambo. I am a Kambo Practitioner from IASP Association where I am certified in 4 different methods of kambo. It is an honoured to work with kambo and the plant alies. Being able to sit in master dieta in the jungle of Peru with Chriric Sanago, Bobinsana and Noya Roa has opened me up to the wisdom that his earth has to teach us and support us on our eternal jounrey and this life.  I also support other plant medicines as well such as hape, flowers, herbs, sananga and mushrooms.

After being able to heal my PTSD, endometroisis, candida, trauma, chronic pain, insomnia, addiction, depression and anxiety with these plants, it has brought me back to the ancient wisdom of my ancestors and and nature again and again. I am continuing my studies in Herbal medicine and continuing to offer support to souls feeling called to work with the plants. 

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