I am a medicine woman

Hi, I'm Shika,

I am Shika. I am a Caribbean medicine woman who channels and guides through the medicine of the elements.

My intention is to help souls step into their leadership as earth embodied leaders, support the souls that are ready to heal with ancestral wisdom of earth through the plant allies, teach souls how to do shadow work, show you the magic of your life initiations and create a community for other life minded souls to connect and not feel alone during the process. 

I am a trained Kambo practitioner, Reiki master ( Usui and Sakem) somatic body worker, certified breathwork facilitator, energetic doula, plant alchemist, ancestral healing guide and channeller ( that and some, we are so much really). I have learned my practices for 7+ years through various lineages such as indigenous Caribbean, Shipibo, Taino, Arawak, Balinese, Brazilian and various other lineages as well. 

I love being able to share on YouTube and other social media platforms how to work with the moon, nature, plant medicines, heal and be part of community. 

I trust you came here because something lead you here and trust whatever way we come together to support you and your journey is meant

With love,


If we truly were to embody and be what we want to see in the world, all suffering, pain and hardship would transmute to utmost love. So it is. 

I have completed reiki 1, 2 and 3 and I am a master in Sakem and Usui Reiki. 

I also share my teaching from the Shipibo, Inca, Tanio and various other lineages.

I am a Kambo Practitioner from IASP Association where I am certified in 4 different methods of kambo. I am humbled and honoured to work with the plant as well as other that I have sat with such as Chiric Sanango in the Amazon on a master dieta. I work with other medicines as well such as hape, flowers, herbs, sananga, mushrooms. With these medicines I help souls connect with the plant as a teacher and hold them in ceremony in their process. 

Lastly, community is so important for the collective. We all are here to experience and truly to connect with ourselves and other. Having a community can bring mirrors of our being that we are not even aware of. I host medicine retreats across the world, healing circles and more. 

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