Episode #9- How to Start Increasing Your Traffic to Your Blog?

Maybe you have finally started to blog and now the question is how do I get people to see my posts? Or you have been writing for years want to now take it seriously and don’t know how to gain traffic again? Or maybe you have been stuck at 100 views a month for ages. Today on the BlogIt with Shika Chica Podcast, we are going to talk about how to start increasing your traffic on your blog. We will discuss why it is important to grow your audience on your blog, strategies to increase your blog views and making sure that your content is serving your audience in a way that they want to read your posts.


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BlogItxShikaChica- Episode#1- Welcome to Our Podcast- Social Media, Wellness, Tips and More

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Can’t believe the day is finally here. I want to officially welcome you to our amazing community BlogIt with Shika Chica Podcast. We will be talking about tips on how to grow your network, find out how to serve your tribe, tips, and tricks about social media for content creators, wellness, the best networking events, workshops, traveling and other amazing topics related to social media to help you out.

I will also be giving everyone a FREE Instagram guide until January 28th as well as other amazing free tools and advice to grow, connect and inspire your #tribe. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast to get all the free tools, updates on workshops, BlogIt networking events and more.