Episode #4- What is an Influencer and How to Be An Influencer 101?

I get these questions a lot. How to be an influencer? How do you start? How do I get brand collaborations? I think one of the biggest things to educate one’s self about is what an influencer is and what is the responsibility of an influencer. Today on the podcast we are going to talk about how to be a great influencer, having the right motives and the basic do’s and don’ts when becoming an influencer. Grab your tea ladies, this is a hot one.

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Episode #3- How to Launch a Successful Clothing Line as a Microinfluencer?

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Have a small knit community online and dream of making a clothing line and sharing it with your audience. Today we have our first guest on the shows, Maria Leucia ( @the_pinkbrunette) , fashion and lifestyle blogger, influencer and Youtuber talking about how she was able to launch an amazing holiday in 2018 and what the process looked it. So grab your tea and let’s start chatting!


About Maria Leucia

The Pink Brunette is a Fashion & Lifestyle blog created by Maria Leucia. Maria created this blog as an outlet to inspire women through fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips in order to help them reach higher limits. Maria is a Kinesiology graduate and a certified sports therapist who has always had a love and a passion for fashion. WhileMaria still pursues her 9-5 career she is a very dedicated entrepreneur within the blogging community. One ofMaria’s goals with her blog is to educate and inspire women to dress in a way that is fun, flattering and allows them to feel great in what they wear.
Instagram: @the_pinkbrunette
Pinterest: The Pink Brunette
Facebook: Maria Leucia

BlogItxShikaChica- Episode#1- Welcome to Our Podcast- Social Media, Wellness, Tips and More

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Can’t believe the day is finally here. I want to officially welcome you to our amazing community BlogIt with Shika Chica Podcast. We will be talking about tips on how to grow your network, find out how to serve your tribe, tips, and tricks about social media for content creators, wellness, the best networking events, workshops, traveling and other amazing topics related to social media to help you out.

I will also be giving everyone a FREE Instagram guide until January 28th as well as other amazing free tools and advice to grow, connect and inspire your #tribe. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast to get all the free tools, updates on workshops, BlogIt networking events and more.



5 New Years Goals for Twenty Nineteen

BlogIt Calgary

The one thing I am a big believer for is that you don’t have to wait until a new year begins to start completing your goals or striving for them. I am always making goals based on where I am presently and where I want to go or where I need to be.

I wanted to share some goals and intentions I have for the new year and explain why they mean so much to me and our journey here for the #shikachicafam

1. Improving my wellness

This is something that I have talking about more and more openly on my Instagram as well as on the blog, wellness. Healthy mind, healthy body and you are able to achieve just about anything. I would like to go into the new year being more aware of my mental and physical health and being more proactive with it. I would love to meditate once a day for 10- 15 mins, workout 4 times a week to not only help my weight goal but also my endometriosis, and lastly I would like to eat more vegetables and lower my sugar ( this means fewer pops and juices and more water).

Now a goal needs to be measurable so you can be held accountable and also understand if I am on track. Here are how I will make it measurable:

  • I will workout 4 times a week for 40mins to an hour
  • I will have 2 liters of water a day
  • I will only have a pop once a week
  • I will meditate in the morning before I start my day so I am held accountable
  • I will talk to someone once a month about how I feel ( this can be in my support system)
  • I will have a vegetable with 2 out of 3 meals I have
  • I will lose 10-15 pounds in the next three months and maintain it through a healthy and balanced lifestyle

2. Save more

I think one of the biggest lessons I learned in the past year is that 60% of the stuff I do have I do not need. Going into the new year I want to save more money and/or spend it where it can bring my value in the long run. I would love to work towards a more minimalistic lifestyle. Here is how I will measurably succeed my goals:

  • I will remove my storage in 6 months, sell, keep or get rid of the stuff I own in storage
  • I will save 30% of what I make for emergencies and other investments
  • Get rid of 3 garbage bags of clothes every season
  • I will only go out with friends 3 times a month ( coffee or lunch)
  • I will make my lunch every day at home and have once  a week eat out
  • I will make a spending allowance per month ( I was thinking 100$ for things I don’t need but want per month)


3. Connect with my online tribe more

One of my biggest challenges and accomplishments I look forward to the new year and connecting with you all even further through different ways. I am so excited to launch various projects for this month to teach, connect and help the content creating community. Now I can not talk about the main project year however, I will tell you how I will do that with the things I can chat about it:

  • I want to help 30-50 people with my social media mentoring program
  • Help 200 people with the Instagram mentoring program
  • Successfully launch Spring 2019 BlogIt tour
  • Meet up with more of you in person
  • Make a traveler content creating meet and greet
  • Create different content daily to connect with you all


4. Try Something New

Human beginnings feel uncomfortable and usually do not like change. However, I think change is important for you to grow as an individual. So for the new year, I think to myself, what will I do that I have never done before that will help me grow as a person. Here are some measurable goals:

  • Learn how to be a good swimmer
  • Go to southeast Asia  for the first time and traveling there for at least a month
  • Travel to 3 different continents in 2019
  • Create content every single day
  • Road trip for a week somewhere
  • Go to a week spiritual and mediational retreat


5. Spend more time with important people in my life

I think one of the hardest things to balance is spending time with your loved ones in your life. I noticed there was so much going on last year and I loved every bit of it. I think what would make it better is trying to spend time with loved ones more. I would love to go for walks with my partner, turn off my phone for an hour and just enjoy someone’s company. I love social media however sometimes you can appreciate it, even more, when you take some time away from it every now and then. Here are my measurable goals on how I will achieve it:

  • Spend time with my partner 1 hour a day without being on my phone
  • See my family once a month
  • Message my closest friends at least 2 times a month


Hope these goals have inspired you and think about measurable goals while you get ready for another amazing chapter in your life, 2019. Happy new year!



“Don’t Need to be In Silence and Cross your Legs to Meditate”- How Travel is a Form of Meditation and Can Help You Find Your Own Meditation


When people think of meditation they think of sitting in silence with their eyes closed and no sound. Meditation to me is relaxing consciously and subconsciously and being aware of your body and your mind. This can be done by sitting down doing nothing, listening to great music while drawing, spending time with family and friends and talking about how you are or dancing your heart ours.

My ways of meditation are laughing, dancing to Latin music, sitting in silence and being aware of my breathing to reduce my anxiety and have a time unplugged from social media. So ask your self what is your way of meditation?

Now you know your way of meditation, time to ad the action of traveling. One of the many reasons I love traveling beside meeting people from all over the world is the temporary detachment from reality, familiar environment, and people. People feel uncomfortable and most cannot take the change. However, I see it as an opportunity to reflect on yourself, grow, learn and feel uncomfortable.

With so many amazing exciting things such as a huge project launch, changing my career over the past 4 months from a part-time interest into my career, traveling from home 1-2 weeks of the month and working from home, it has been an overwhelming change that I didn’t notice until I decided to leave Canada for a month to be with family In St. Lucia I reflect, work on my projects, enjoy the sun and nature. I have cried, I have had anxiety attacks, I have felt depressed, I have laughed, I have smiled, I have exercised, I have worked, I have eaten amazing home cook meals and I have enjoyed the outdoors including sunsets. After all that, one heals, grow and becomes more grounded in them self.IMG_4311_Facetune_22-12-2018-14-48-42

Every time I travel I learn about the country, culture and myself. It is something that no one in school, work or your family can teach you but the world itself.

Traveling, my experiences and meeting so many people has allowed me to learn my way of meditation and respect the ways of meditation for others.

I wanted to share this with you guys hoping that you are able to find a type of meditation that feels like home for you and use it to keep you sane, inspired, collected, growing and be you. I would love to hear what your ways of meditation are and if there is one that is your favorite lately.



Head to Toe Stutting In Stussy


I’m back! I had to take a little bit of a break as I am working on some excited things for you guys as well as making sure my blogging stays true to what represents me.

I am excited to announce that I will be a brand ambassador for NRML Femme. I will be working with various brands such as Mink Pink, Love and Lemons, Stussy and more. I will be doing another blog post about my experience working with NRML which is an Ottawa born brand and what it means to me to be working with such an amazing clothing store.

This beautiful outfit is one of the many outfits from their Fall season. Let us start with the top. This basic ribbed top fits me as a glove. As a bigger chested girl, I find it hard to find tops that flatter my top without showing too much. This is great because it shows my tiny waist and my figure tastefully while keeping it chic and slightly sexy.

I then added these amazing super comfortable lime green silk pants from Stussy. I love the lime green! At first, I was not sure if I could pull it off but as soon as I saw these bad boys, I knew I wanted to wear them. They are super comfortable, versatile and the colour alone is enough to make a fashion statement.

I then layered this outfit with this cute yellow transparent raincoat which really ties this outfit together. The raincoat puts everything together, especially with the lime silk pants. I can see my self-rocking this raincoat with an all-white outfit or some jeans and a simple t-shirt.

For shoes I kept it simple. Sine my life is getting busier, I have been changing my look a little and making my shoes as comfortable and fashionable as possible. Since styling with NRML I have learned about my love for sneakers and how you can really change a look to your personal taste with them. I added these simple assatric white nike sneakers. I love how simple and clean they look and with all the light colours it really brings the whole look together.

NRML Femme has an online store and it can be found both in Ottawa at Rideau Street and Bayshore as well. I would suggest going in as they have a look for everyone #urNRMLFemme .


Cartagena- How to Get to the Walled City

IMG_1664 2

Now that I enjoyed my time in Medellin partying and enjoying the food, it was time to slow things down and head to the coast for some island vibes and nature.

We decided to take Viva Colombia on the way there and back. It cost us 306$ CDN for the round trip there and back to Medellin ( we were planning to fly back home from Medellin). We woke up that morning to find out that our flight was canceled at 9am and our check out was at 11 am. Keep in mind we have not packed our stuff yet and we are slightly freaking out considering that I need to be in Cartagena today.

After 45mins of searching every single website you could think of for a cheap flight we final found another round trip this time flying with Latam there and Viva Colombia back for 330$ CDN. We packed our bag, checked out and left our bags at reception as we walked around the city and I worked in the work space area at Selina Hostel Medellin.

Our flight was at 6:30pm so we left the city at 3:30 just to be safe with traffic and travel time to the airport. The trick is to take a taxi to Santiago mall and wait there for an airport taxi ( they are the white ones) until the taxi is filled. This is what locals do as it is cheaper and easier. You will end up paying 10,000-15 000 COP instead of 75 000+COP for your trip. So much cheaper eh?

Once we got to the airport it was close to 5:15pm. We checked in, went through security and waited for our flight. When 6:30 came along they boarded people on the plane and we were off to Cartagena.

We Arrived

Once we got there, as soon as we stepped off the plane, I could feel the heat. We made our way down to the front of the airport where a person will be where the taxies are to give you a receipt that says how much the taxi driver should charge you depending on where you are going. Make sure you get this receipts to avoid overcharges.

We then arrived to our accommodation, Selina Hostel Cartagena. This hostel was absolutely beautiful and opened only in January. Once you enter the entrance, you will see the draping vines from the ceiling, the iconic Selina hostel colourful walls and the vibrant decor that matched the ascetics seamlessly. You are able to stay in a private room or a dorm. They also have a lounge and a kitchen so you can cook your meals if you want to save on eating out all the time. The best part was the rooftop. The rooftop has a bar with a pool and a panoramic view of the city. It was everything I could ask for in a hostel. I will be doing a full review blog post soon.

That day we ended up staying the night and leaving the next day to Santa Marta.

Tips on Traveling to Cartagena

  1. Make sure you print out your boarding ticket if you are flying Viva Colombia to/from Cartagena because they will charge you and/or not let you on the plane
  2. Get a taxi receipt at the airport so you do not get overcharged
  3. Take the Taxi in Medellin from Santiago, it will save you so much money
  4. Keep an eye on your bags ( as you should anywhere you travel)


IMG_1628 2


IMG_1653 2

The City of Salsa, Nightlife and Colours- One Week in Medellin

Looking at the city in awe

I have been wanting to go to Colombia for as long as I could remember. After sparking my interest in South America when I lived in Brazil I had the urge to go again.

My best friend and I three months ago were hanging out when we decided that we should go somewhere. With us both loving latin food, culture and men lol, we decided that Colombia was only appropriate. Literally a week before our flight we booked our tickets as we both had busy schedules and were getting our backpacks ready to explore the great Latin culture.

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The Traveling begins…

Our travels started in Ottawa ( my hometown) and next we were off to Newark airport for a seven and a half hour layover which I was not excited for but at the same time, it meant that I could answer some-mails and get my self-ready for my vacation so I did not need to worry about work. Our flight was supposed to leave at 3:35pm with United Airlines. My friend and I were sitting at the airport in a cafe at 3:45pm and still there was no announcement or status of our flight.

We then decided to check and see what was going on. When we checked the screen at almost 4pm our flight was delayed to 5:50pm. Like I did not stay in an airport enough, they decided to delay our trip. The only problem is that we were supposed to catch a connecting flight in Panama to Medellin for 10pm and with the flight being almost two hours delayed we would miss our flight.

We found the United airline customer service booth to find out that our flight was the last one out to Colombia and we would have to take the first one out. We were able to grab seats and the gentleman said that they would let Copa airlines know ( the airline we were flying from Panama to Medellin) that we were running late. We finally got on our flight and yes it was even more delayed as we left pass 6p. As I usually do, I slept on the plan most of the flight and we ended up getting there at 9:50pm. The piolet informed us for those who are on the flight to Medellin with Copa Airlines will make the flight as they told them to wait for us. We got off the flight and about 15 other people who were also taking that flight ran to the gate. Once we got to the gate, they refused to let us on. The plane was still there yet the doors were closed. We all complained and yet they refused to let us on the plane. We were able to complain enough to get a free stay at The Westin Hotel in Panama, dinner that night and transportation from and to the airport. At the end of it, we ended up complaining as we were not impressed with the customer service.

We arrived in Medellin

We ended up on our flight at 9am and we arrived there at 10:15. My friend and I were lucky to bound through our stressful trip with a couple who were going to Medellin for a wedding and the wife was actually from Medellin and moved to New York four years ago. They were so lovely and gratefully offered us a ride to the main city.

Once we got there, the city was bustling and crazy. Motorcycles nearly close enough to scape your car and people drive with no intention of using the lanes but rather making their own. It was exhilarating and such an awesome experience.

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Once we got to the main mall, Anna ( the lovely women we meet on our flight) showed us where to take our flight and the in’s and out’s as a tourist so we did not fall into any tourist traps. Our taxi ride to our hostel, Selina Medellin Hostel was short as it was only a 10-15min drive from Santiago mall. Once we got there I was in disbelief because firstly we have been on the road for over 24 hours and secondly the hostel was stunning. There was a workspace for normads, play space where you can play pool, have food and drinks, a cafe, kitchen to cook your meals and it was located right in the center of Medellin city where all the best restaurants and nightlife was. This was perfect for us as we saved so much on transportation and could walk everywhere.

We settle in our hostel explored and made it our mission to walk around the city. We went to Mungos which is probably not the best place to get Colombia food as it is a chain but that was our first bite of Colombia food. for a traditional meal with avocado, banana, rice, plantain, beans, pork, and arapas it came to about 10$( with the water $12). That price also includes tip ( all places will add a tip to your bill so you will not have to worry about it). So it was a great price. We then walked all over the city for the day and headed back to the hostel to get some rest.

What did you do in Medellin?

To be honest, Medellin is probably the one place we went to that we just took it easy and spent most of our time talking to locals and socializing. That being said we were still able to do a lot:

  1. Guatape- this is the colorful city that you see all over your Instagram feed. It is beautiful and you can go to local stores with hand crafted crafts, see the church and just get lost in the city. We were supposed to do the hike but we got there way to late. I would suggest going there before 11am because the fog rolls in and you will not get to see a great view or take pretty pictures.
  2. Sanchos- this is an amazing meal that I loved. it was a soup and you can choose to have it which chicken or fish and it is served with a side of rice, avocado and banana. It was amazing! You will find this meal for only $6 including tip. I was able to have the best one in Guatape at a local restaurant ( there are many amazing local restaurants. We ended up asking the locals where to go)
  3. Make friends with locals- especially when you are in a hostel, it can be difficult to socialize with locals as travelers are surrounding you. I suggest brushing on some basic Spanish and trying to talk to locals as such as possible. Our most memorable memories were when we were with locals and to be honest they were the main people we talked to and became friends with on the whole trip. You will have a whole new experience that cannot be found at your hostel.
  4. Nightlife- The nightlife here is unreal. Most places do not have a cover but if you so end up paying you are looking at 20,000 COP ( 12$) for cover. If you go to an after-hours club ( usually they are from 4-7am ( sometimes later) you are looking at triple that cost, 60,000 COP and the drinks are even more expensive. The place we went to is Skybar. There was a perfect mix of locals and travelers. Another great place to look at are the salsa Discoteca all along the main road in Pabaldo. If you really want local dancing you can go there.

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What do I wish I did but did not have time to do?

  1. Parque Explora- if you want to look at the botanical garden which is right next to it and take nice travel pictures this is the place. You can also learn about the technology of Colombia and their history as well. A lot of locals recommended it to us but it was near the end of our stay in Medellin.
  2. Botanical Garden- Like I mentioned a pretty place to go for a walk
  3. Comuna 13- great way to see the history and the hardships of Colombia in a form of art. I would recommend going with a group to be safe and go in the morning as this neighborhood is still a bit unsafe.
  4. Escobar tour- I really wanted to do this but again to much time socializing with he locals. If you go to Guatape you can do a full tour and go to one of Escobar’s many homes.

Before you knew it, it was time for us to go to the other city and there was still so much left to discover. I would definitely go again and explore Medellin and I am thinking of going back this September to see more of the south and possibly meet up with some new friends I made along the way.

Yellow Motor Jacket Meets Poka-dot Blouse

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Can I just say that this book is for the books? I will be officially be adding a few of these photos to my polaroid collage. This superstar jacket is amazing for the spring and summer season for a great statement piece and layering item.

I got this suede Mink jacket from a vendor at one of my local flea markets, 613 Flea, in Ottawa and I will defiantly say this will not be the last that I go vintage hunting for statement pieces. The suede material makes this jacket to Lux and the color brings such a bright fun addition to any outfit.

I then pulled out my polka dot white and navy blue collared top that I bought from Marshalls a couple months ago. The best trick is to add pattern and color to any outfit when in doubt. In this case, I added the vibrant jacket to compliment this classic polka-dot blouse.

Lastly, I added my white denim cut off mini skirt to match the top and keep this look crisp and clean.

For shoes, I got these amazing kitten heel black suede shoes from Call it Spring. You can never go wrong with a simple classic black shoe. They are a staple that never gets out of style in your closet.

To finish this look, I added these amazing Tom Ford aviator glasses from Point of View Opticians. I love the look of the glasses as they are so clean and crisp though they bring a sense of 70’s to the whole look which I absolutely love.

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