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Social media can be overwhelming whether you already have a successful online platform or you are just starting. The social media mentoring program is to have help with managing your platforms, learn how to use each social media platform effective, define and work towards your tangible online goal, brand management, social media marketing techniques and learning how to curate content that relates to your niche and brand.

One of the most important aspects of the program is personal coaching. Mentorees will have someone that not only helps them grow personally by challenging you personally, helping you stick to your goal, supporting your wellness ( mentally and physically) and assisting with time management. Having a healthy mind and body is important to not only be successful in the social media mentoring program but your everyday life.

The social media mentoring program also includes bi-weekly coaching calls where we discuss opportunity, pros, cons, and goals.

Now that you know all about the social media mentoree program it’s time to become one. Fill out the form below to schedule chat so we can talk about your goals, motives and how we are going to help you achieve your vision.





Instagram Mentor Program


What is an algorithm? How do you create captivating content like @doyoutravel ? How do you increase your engagement? Instagram is the top social media platform for most businesses, influencers, and other content creators. The Instagram mentor program’s purpose is to teach mentorees how to use Instagram effectively, launch your campaign successfully and connecting with your ‘tribe’ . The Instagram mentor program includes the following:

  • Biweekly interactive videos
  • Learning how to edit and create content effectively
  • How to increase your engagement
  • How to use Instagram features
  • What is the explore page and how to use it?
  • How to create a community of Instagram?
  • Why is having a niche on Instagram important to have a successful page?
  • How to increase your following be interacting
  • More




Intro to Instagram Mentoring Program

Just starting Instagram? Maybe it is overwhelming for you? Lost with how to create great content that can captivate your audience’s attention? The intro Instagram mentoring program is 4 weeks long with each week focusing on a different aspect of Instagram to get you ready for success on the platform. The course will touch on topics such as what is your niche and intro to creating captivating content posting effectively intro to hashtags and engagement. An interactive video will be included in the course biweekly for the mentorees.





Advanced Instagram Mentoring Program

You know what your niche is but feeling stagnant with growing your audience? Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the new Instagram features and how it can benefit your account? The advanced Instagram mentoring program is mentorees that want to learn how to change their strategy to grow their tribe, use other platforms to increase traffic, advanced engagement techniques for your page and other techniques. An interactive video will be included in the course biweekly for the mentorees.


Meet Your Mentor

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I am Shika President, also known as @shika_chica , travel and lifestyle influencer, owner of BlogIt and your social media mentor.

Starting nearly two years ago with a mission to inspire and help people grow through social media mentoring, I have worked with various brands such as Fairmont, Hilton Hotel, Casino Lac Leamy, Body Shop, Saje and more.

Being on Rogers TV’s show Expert, being published in 5 reputable articles, and building an audience of over 43k followers on all social media platforms, I continue to educate, connect and grow with various content creators and businesses


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