Quartz Vortex

Welcome to Quartz Vortex! This is a 1-year mentorship where I mentor you every month live. In one year you can heal all the money blocks, major shadow blocks, unlock your gifts and enter a different dimension and reality while having a conscious community supporting you.

For those wanting to go deeper, are a space holder, want to be a space holder, want to bring abundance and align souls to your space to help them on their journey while doing your healing work, step into the Quartz Vortex 2.0 1 year mentorship. You will get access to ALL masterminds and mentorships for the year and deep transmissions to help you step into clear alignment.


“If you’ve been thinking about beginning or continuing your shadow work journey with Shika in your corner, I would highly recommend that you do it. When I started, I was scared, and I didn’t know what to expect. Yet Shika has been an amazing guide, who has lovingly told me the things that I needed to hear and has supported me along every step of this journey. I have met very few people who truly you love what they do, and deeply care about the people that they work with, the way that Shika does. So, take the leap. Allow this to be your 1st step into the unknown. This is 1 of the best decisions I made in 2021, let alone my entire life!

I felt zero judgment from Shika. She never made me feel bad for not being as conscious as her. She showed me that I’m worthy of love, and listened attentively. Shika didn’t heal me or fix me. She helped me believe that I am capable. Shika help me to let go of stuff that blinded me from being able to see/know how powerful I truly AM. Shika helped me to see that the answers, I’m desperately seeking are already, within me. She helped me to see the power that I have to heal myself. She helped me to see the healing and the medicine available to me through my breath. I’m grateful for the even more expansive life that I now live, after embarking on this journey with Shika as my guide. My life isn’t gumdrops and rainbows now. This journey wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it!”

Mentor, Mariah

“Shika is a wonderful mentor. I love her and dislike her at the same time. Lol only because she’s honest and allows me to see sides of myself that I often avoided for years. Over the last 4 months I’ve seen so much growth within myself. This journey has taught me patience, self love/care, and trust within myself. Thank you so much for the tough love. “

Mentor, Jordyn

I got to know about Shika from a close friend, and I’ll always be grateful. I was at a twisted position in my life when my journey with her began, a childhood trauma taking place again, the world I built collapsed, and many other things. With her help, I delved deeper and understood more.
It’s been 4 months with her. Before her, I had at most 2 good days a week. Now, I easily have 5 good days a week. This is a huge transition because I’ve always struggled with a low mood. Not only that, my energy level has changed! I have the energy to do more and I’m beginning to enjoy the things I do. Through my time with her, I’m now able to listen more to what my body is telling me, what my inner voice is trying to tell me. That I’m actually beginning to be there for myself when I need myself, whom I have been ignoring my whole life. About her, she’s a great person and talented. I never felt any judgment from her, didn’t feel like I was a helpless creature, and only deserved sympathy. She showed me that I’m worthy of love, and listened attentively. She has helped me to really grow.
I personally wish I had known about her sooner. I’m still figuring out what love is, but I love her. 
The only drawback of this course is that it’s online. If only I could feel her presence and energy in real life and hug her to express how grateful I am for her. “

Mentor, Kaiwan

The other mentees and I would often laugh say that Shika is a spirit guide in physical form. Now that I look back, I couldn’t have agreed more.I met Shika through YouTube back in late 2021. I was just beginning to open up to spirituality as a result of going through a awakening. She’s given me so many gifts throughout my journey, some of which I have been able to receive and accept. I’m grateful for her patience and honesty with me. She’s been someone that I’ve been able to share some of my deepest traumas with. I’m now at a place where I can live more in peace, where I can lean on faith when the darkness arises in me, where I can even, sometimes, just let it be.Having been on medications for a psychiatric diagnosis, type II bipolar, for 6 years. I’d always known that there was more to my condition than just a chemical imbalance. I wasn’t surprised when the meditation couldn’t bring in the peace that I’d been longing for, but I also couldn’t find other modalities, considering where I am from. With Shika we were able to hold space for my healing, and I’m happy to say that I’m been off of my meds for 7 months now and I’m feeling better than did in the past.Shika didn’t fix me, didn’t heal me. Instead she helped me see the gifts and power I have, how capable and supported I am in navigating through my own unique journey. Through working with her I realized that it depends on how open I am to seeing myself, and how often I show up for myself, and to love despite everything. We have nothing to fix as we aren’t broken to begin with. See the shadow, acknowledge it, transmute, and integrate it into your being.My goals have changed a lot throughout the past 7 months, and that hasn’t been easy. It’s through patience and grace that I’ve learned to recognize in me that I was able to move through and accept the changes. She gives you the tools, and I pray that we continue to use them for ourselves and others as we move forward. “

Mentor, Lass

Shika is better than a therapist, she makes you feel cared for like a true a friend, she is the mentor you’ve always wanted, she is humble, she is THERE FOR YOU and she will push you and if you comply YOUR LIFE WILL START TO CHANGE. I feel so lucky to be one of the few in her program to get to experience this. My life has shifted so much for the better since working with her and yours will too. I am profoundly grateful to her and her work.
She is there for me when I tell her about all my personal struggles and knows exactly what conscious advice to give every time tailored to me and my life. In our healing session we go DEEP and we uncover and receive downloads necessary for me to shift and grow at that particular time.

An example of how my life has shifted for the better is my relationship between my parents and I has healed tremendously. I also feel profound growth in my boundaries and being able to take my power back in many areas of my life and certain relationships and dynamics. Shika is the best spiritual guide I could ever ask for 🙏💗
If you are someone feeling lost, struggling through life looking for the answers, please please please don’t miss this chance the universe is presenting you to work with one of the most powerful healers and personal coaches. She. Will. Change. Your. Life. “

Mentor, Jennifer

Quartz Vortex 2.0 Sliding Scale

  • Scale 1 $4444CAD ( $370CAD a month ) code vortex111
  • Scale 2 $3255CAD ( $271.25CAD per month ) code vortex222
  • Scale 3 $2222CAD ( $185CAD per month ) code vortex333

*This program is a 1-year mentorship and broken down as such.*