Head to Toe Stutting In Stussy


I’m back! I had to take a little bit of a break as I am working on some excited things for you guys as well as making sure my blogging stays true to what represents me.

I am excited to announce that I will be a brand ambassador for NRML Femme. I will be working with various brands such as Mink Pink, Love and Lemons, Stussy and more. I will be doing another blog post about my experience working with NRML which is an Ottawa born brand and what it means to me to be working with such an amazing clothing store.

This beautiful outfit is one of the many outfits from their Fall season. Let us start with the top. This basic ribbed top fits me as a glove. As a bigger chested girl, I find it hard to find tops that flatter my top without showing too much. This is great because it shows my tiny waist and my figure tastefully while keeping it chic and slightly sexy.

I then added these amazing super comfortable lime green silk pants from Stussy. I love the lime green! At first, I was not sure if I could pull it off but as soon as I saw these bad boys, I knew I wanted to wear them. They are super comfortable, versatile and the colour alone is enough to make a fashion statement.

I then layered this outfit with this cute yellow transparent raincoat which really ties this outfit together. The raincoat puts everything together, especially with the lime silk pants. I can see my self-rocking this raincoat with an all-white outfit or some jeans and a simple t-shirt.

For shoes I kept it simple. Sine my life is getting busier, I have been changing my look a little and making my shoes as comfortable and fashionable as possible. Since styling with NRML I have learned about my love for sneakers and how you can really change a look to your personal taste with them. I added these simple assatric white nike sneakers. I love how simple and clean they look and with all the light colours it really brings the whole look together.

NRML Femme has an online store and it can be found both in Ottawa at Rideau Street and Bayshore as well. I would suggest going in as they have a look for everyone #urNRMLFemme .


Caramel Brown Vest Coat and a Touch of Lepard

I love wool staple pieces. Especially in this crazy weather. Sometimes I can just wear a wool sweater and a light jacket on some winter afternoon s and I feel just right. I decided to take a formal item out of the Shika Chica’s closet today and give it a casual day look feel.

I started off layering with this beautiful camel colored long wool vest from Melanie Lyn. I love the color! Like I mentioned before, I am really trying to redo my wardrobe first starting with the basic staples. I then added my classic Brand Melville cropped ribbed sweater. I wear this top all the time as you can dress it up and down easily., 

For the bottoms, I decided to wear my classic cut off Levis jeans that I adore. I love the snug fit at the waist and the slightly flared bottoms. It helps play down the caramel vest. Now for the shoes, I really wanted something simple, classic and ‘warm’, so I decided to add these Zara leather ankle booties. My motto is wear a heel with an outfit, and it can really give the final touch of classiness that you need to bring the outfit together.

Now we have texture, colour and a sheen we are miss a pattern. What better way to add a pattern then this lepard faux fur hat from my mom’s closet. I love how fun and warm it is. Without the hat, the look would not be completed. 

Teddy Fur Coat OOTD

Another fur coat! Was it hard to guess. It has been freezing here in Canada and I am going to keep bundling up in many layers untill the spring comes along.

For today’s blog post I wanted to show case a different style of faux fur, teddy faux fur jacket. It feels like a giant fuzzy sweater in a form of a jacket. I have seen this style all over in various stores, and this trend is one that is both fashionable and pratical ( as well all know not every trend tends to be practical). 

I wanted to really make this main focus of the whole look so I decided to keep it simple ( as I usually do). I added a thin yet basic black ribbed knit crop top from Brandy Melvile. Then for the jeans I added my classic Levis jeans. You can never go wrong with a Levis jeans and I fine the more you wear them, the better they look.

For finishing touches, I added these cute black leather simple ankle boots from Zara and my aviator glasses from H&M to really give the overall look a nice final touch.

All in all I really love how comfy this outfit it and how easy it is to style. So next time you see a cozy teddy bear fur jacket or sweater I would recommend buying it especially if you are in the crazy weather like I am or if you just want to binge watch your favourite show ( in my case Narcos, Scandle, How to Get Away with Murder and Black Mirror lol) and want something to keep you warm and cozy.

Green, Faux Fur and Pleather

I am obbsessed with faux fur lately. With almost every day dropping to -30 degrees I need all the warmth I can get. As much as I would rather be on a beach somewhere in the world for the cold months of the year in Canada, I am stuck here ( at least for now).

Best way to make the best of the weather, be stylish and play around with layers. I added this green oversized faux fur jacket from Forever 21. I love the ‘pine green tree’ color that really pops without being too bright. I then added my Brandy Melville black basic crop top sweater. For the bottom, I added this pleather skirt from H&M with the zipper detailing. I wanted to keep this outfit classic with a bit of an edge with the pleather skirt.

To finish it off I added simple black leather booties to keep it simple and allow the faux fur jacket to be the main focus of the whole outfit; aswell as black tights to keep myself warm. 

12 Days of Chicmas Day 12- Have A Very Merry Chicmas

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Happy holidays and merry chicmas to you all. I hope you are surrounded by loved ones and enjoying the holiday festivities.

Today’s look I really wanted to bring full glam. What better way to do that than wearing this beautiful low back dress designed by the lovely MJ who is the owner of the Ottawa Rent Frock and Repeat. Her niche is french bougois lingerie ( which say tune for her designs in the new year as we will be showing you guys some of her amazing pieces). I love the black and gold sequin weaved design throughout the dress. The low back gives a nice sexy touch along with the v- plunge in the front of the dress.

I wanted to keep the glam look and add this beautiful fur jacket designed by the lovely Elizabeth Hope. I think think the fur jacket was the cherry on top for this overall look.

Wanted to keep it simple for the shoes so I decided to pair these simple black closed toe heel shoes from Call it Spring.

There you have it! A glam festive look for Christmas day!! Hope you all are having an amazing Christmas/ holiday. This is the first Christmas without family and it is definitely different however that being said this has taught me that in life honestly, the best gift is the company of the friends and family that you love and care about. As I sip on my hot chocolate and work on some projects today, I am thankful for you all for coming on my blogging journey with my this year and I am excited to see what 2018 has for us all. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

12 Days of Chicmas Day 9- Pretty White Lace Dress

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

When I think lace I think delicate, sexy and flirty. I think detailed. Lace is a pattern that can be done so many ways and give so many different feel and look for a look and a piece.

I decided to choose a white lace dress. As soon as the holiday season comes around, everyone loves to wear white. This dress is designed by Narces from Rent Frock and Repeat. I love the scallop detailing on the bottom of the dress, the layer detailing and the intricate lace design throughout out the dress playing with the layers and creating a pattern going between two styles of lace.

I then added some black tights and brown high knee boots ( you can even do black high knee boots as well) to the rest of the outfit to keep it simple however if you have metallic boots or white shoes/ booties feel free to replace the black closed-toe shoes with the following options to give the look a little more edge to it.

12 Days of Chicmas Day 8- A Little More Sparkle Never Hurt Nobody

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

As you can tell, I love sparkles. I wanted to add some more sparkles to the Chicmas with this lovely dress designed by ABS from Rent Frock and Repeat.

I love the sequins of course. It is a party in a dress for sure. The black trimming and cinched waist really gives the dress some shape. My favorite part of the whole dress is the back. I a sucker for low back dresses. I love how sexy it can be and with a high neck, it still has class yet that flirty appeal to it without going over the top.

I then added my black suede Call it Spring closed tow shoes, however, the black booties are always an alternative for a warmer choice. That being said if you are inside you can use these cute kitten heel shoes for your Christmas event.

12 Days of Chicmas Day 7- LBJ Does it Again

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I have styled this jumper before and alot of you really enjoyed the look. I decided to take this jumper out again this time giving it a completely different feel. I wanted to make this look neutral in the sense that you can wear it for NYE, Christmas, dinner, anything.

This jumper is from Dynamite. I wanted to really bring out the texture and once again play with the all-black attire. I added this gorgeous think fur coat that is designed with Elizabeth Hope. The jacket gives the overall outfit more depth in comparison to the red trench coat that that brings depth yet contrast of textures in the overall outfit. My favorite part of fashion is getting that depth and being able to switch one or two things and give the whole look a different feel and it can be alternatively used for a different occasion.

Then I added these cute simple black closed-toe shoes that I wear almost 90% of the time however you can switch them out for leather or suede heel boots. There you have it! your LBJ ( Little Black Jumper) is ready to take over the season yet for another event in a different look and feel.IMG_6536

12 Days of Chicmas Day 6 – Fur, Velvet and Embroidery

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

What says festive then gold embroidery skirts. Well, I decided to tone things down a bit for the sixth day and add this casual number that is perfect for a casual day during the holiday season. I added my classic black turtleneck from my moms closet. She always ends up giving me amazing staples for my closet. I believe everyone should have a black turtleneck in their closet. Its great to layer with, throw on and make an outfit look classic and nice a warm or the winter.

I then added this cute black skirt with gold embroidery on the bottom. I got this ages ago from my mom and thought I would style it again this year as metallic is definitely trendy at the moment and the velvet texture make it a perfect item for the season.

Now considering this is an all black silluet, I really wanted to add some texture to this outfit so I decided to layer it with this gorgeous fur jacket designed by Elizabeth Hope. Not only is this coat really warm it gives the whole look a luxe finish.

Lastly, I added some cute opaque tights and black closed toe shoes from Call it Spring. You can switch the shoes to a warmer option such as velvet ankle boots, sock boots or leather ankle boots.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

12 Days of Chicmas Day 5 – Glitz Sequins and Silver

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Time to bring some sparkle to your life. This year holiday look is all about the glitter. I will be showing you chicas a few dresses you can style that have glitter glam. We are all about the metallic especially the silver metallic this winter.

I wanted to show this gorgeous dress that is a Mark and James glitter sequin dress designed by Badgely Mischka. This sparkly number is form fitting and hit right below the knee. I wanted to pair this gorgeous dress with some texture so I choose this beautiful black faux fur jacket designed by the lovely Elizabeth Hope. Elizabeth is a local designer from Ottawa and she handmade this gorgeous jacket. Isn’t it beautiful?

For shoes, I just added the black closed toe shoes from Call it Spring. I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit simple ensuring the main focus was the dress and the beautiful fur jacket. To keep myself warm I just added some simple black tights.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset