Episode #4- What is an Influencer and How to Be An Influencer 101?

I get these questions a lot. How to be an influencer? How do you start? How do I get brand collaborations? I think one of the biggest things to educate one’s self about is what an influencer is and what is the responsibility of an influencer. Today on the podcast we are going to talk about how to be a great influencer, having the right motives and the basic do’s and don’ts when becoming an influencer. Grab your tea ladies, this is a hot one.

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Episode #3- How to Launch a Successful Clothing Line as a Microinfluencer?

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Have a small knit community online and dream of making a clothing line and sharing it with your audience. Today we have our first guest on the shows, Maria Leucia ( @the_pinkbrunette) , fashion and lifestyle blogger, influencer and Youtuber talking about how she was able to launch an amazing holiday in 2018 and what the process looked it. So grab your tea and let’s start chatting!


About Maria Leucia

The Pink Brunette is a Fashion & Lifestyle blog created by Maria Leucia. Maria created this blog as an outlet to inspire women through fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips in order to help them reach higher limits. Maria is a Kinesiology graduate and a certified sports therapist who has always had a love and a passion for fashion. WhileMaria still pursues her 9-5 career she is a very dedicated entrepreneur within the blogging community. One ofMaria’s goals with her blog is to educate and inspire women to dress in a way that is fun, flattering and allows them to feel great in what they wear.
Instagram: @the_pinkbrunette
Pinterest: The Pink Brunette
Facebook: Maria Leucia

BlogItxShikaChica- Episode#1- Welcome to Our Podcast- Social Media, Wellness, Tips and More

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Can’t believe the day is finally here. I want to officially welcome you to our amazing community BlogIt with Shika Chica Podcast. We will be talking about tips on how to grow your network, find out how to serve your tribe, tips, and tricks about social media for content creators, wellness, the best networking events, workshops, traveling and other amazing topics related to social media to help you out.

I will also be giving everyone a FREE Instagram guide until January 28th as well as other amazing free tools and advice to grow, connect and inspire your #tribe. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast to get all the free tools, updates on workshops, BlogIt networking events and more.