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Blogging is a popular yet new niche that can be overwhelming and hard to understand especially when you have never done blogging before.

BlogIt is a community where bloggers can come together and learn about I’m and out’s of blogging and various tools that you can use to take the next steps on your journey to a successful blogging career. BlogIt is the leading influencer and blogging community in North America.

With leading bloggers, influencers and social media experts attending the event, the blogger and content creators will have the opportunity to ask any pondering questions they may have about the industry while connecting with other like-minded bloggers across the globe.

BlogIt start’s it’s the journey in Toronto on June 7th at The Thompson Hotel and will be moving throughout the country to cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and more.

BlogIt Tour

After going to 4 different cities last year, Toronto, Montreal, New York City and Calgary, BlogIt are connecting influencers, bloggers and businesses in 2019.

Bringing some of the top influencers in the city to come together and tell you all the ins and outs of social media marketing, blogging, influencer, and the online business industry.

We will be hosting an hour panel where we panelists will be sharing pointers and experience working in their niche and the social media industry, followed by a question period for guests to ask pondering questions they may have about the industry. The rest of the event will follow with mingling and connect with various content creators and entrepreneurs.

Teaming up with some amazing sponsors such as Nuda, Dalina and more you have the first-hand experience with brands and influencers working together. It’s time to connect with your social media tribe face to face. BlogIt strives to learn, inspire and grow together. Be part of a supportive community.


Tour Dates

Vancouver – September 19th

BlogIt Vancouver Spring 2019 (1).png


San Francisco- September 21st

BlogIt San Francisco Spring 2019

Los Angeles – September 26th

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Toronto- October 4th

BlogIt Toronto Spring 2019

Halifax- October 6th

BlogIt Halifax Spring 2019

Calgary- October 17th

BlogIt Calgary Spring 2019

Edmonton- October 20th

BlogIt Edmonton Spring 2019

Carlee, Styled to Sparkle

Styled to sparkle

Hi! I’m Carlee and I’m the founder and Editor-In-Chief at Styled to Sparkle. I’m a writer, entrepreneur, sommelier, expert traveler, wife and dog mom.

I love shopping, trying new beauty products, styling my home and traveling to interesting places. I enjoy wine and spirits, great food and travel that includes all of these things! My love of wine is why I chose to complete my WSET Level 2 Sommelier Certification.

I strongly believe in “classic style for the modern real girl” for all facets of life. My love of classic simplicity is reflected in my personal style, fashion and beauty choices, interior design decisions and how I travel. Trends come and go, but elegance is forever. “Always classic, seldom trendy” is a rule that I live by.

I decided to add a YouTube Channel to my blog because I find that especially when it comes to traveling somewhere new, it’s nice to have an idea of what it will look like – and sometimes a photo isn’t enough. I’m always looking for new travel destinations and places to feature, so please reach out and let me know what I can see in your city!

Glenny- Confession of a Scorpio


Oh, hey there! I’m Glenda Decasa (Or what most of the people know me as, Glenny) and I make it my goal to share my adventures in hopes to inspire others to do the same. I write about hidden gems around the world to encouraging others to embrace their body through beauty and style.

Fun fact, not only am I a Scorpio but I also have an ENTJ personality. Who else is with me?

Did I mention that I am also obsessed with helping other bloggers and passionate online entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams? And be profitable?


Aliya- Styled by Aliya

Hi there!

I’m Aliya – an accountant by day in corporate Calgary and a Fashion/Lifestyle/Travel blogger by night. I’ve always had a passion for fashion for as long as I can remember. I used to be my dad’s fashion stylist when I was younger. We would go to The Hudson’s Bay and I would pick out his clothes. As an adult, I found myself taking a greater interest in fashion, style and trends. Co-workers and friends would often ask me where to go shopping and how I knew so much about the latest sales. When my husband started his MBA, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion blogger. Within a year of keeping my Instagram blog, I was featured in Narcity Calgary. It was such an exciting day for me!

I believe style is individual. I like to mix high end pieces with high street fashion. “Dressing well doesn’t mean spending a lot.” I truly believe this statement. It’s all about self-confidence and owning YOU and your style! My hope is that you will like something you see on my blog and incorporate it into your style. Each item featured on the blog will be something you can purchase right away online or in store. No need to guess where it’s from!

Travel is another passion of mine and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on some of my favorite cities in the world. I have travelled to Europe, South East Asia, Tanzania (African Safari), India and UAE amongst others. After all, to travel is to inspire and be inspired.




Kirsten has owned her business for 10 years now and has become best known for her Boudoir work. On top of her business, Kirsten also works full time.

Her plate seems full, but what she likes most is being creative and innovative while supporting other fellow boss babes along the way.

“I saw a need for a sort of, for lack-of-a-better-word, support group for local women who own their own small businesses in the Edmonton area. Over the past five years, I have met some amazing women who are juggling it all on top of starting, growing, and maintaining their own small businesses and I have always felt a special bond with them. They totally get the struggles and accomplishments we all go through and I have learned so much from these women.”

“All I want to do is meet more of them, share more insight, learn more from each other and beside each other while growing as an individual too. When women genuinely support other women, it is amazing what can happen. To get an opportunity to meet like-minded female entrepreneurs will be empowering and I know that we can all learn so much from one another. I am so excited to see the interest we have already been receiving from fellow YEG BOSS BABES and I cannot wait to see the impact this group will have for all women in the same shoes I am in.”

Katrina- Life things and Style


Katrina is from the east coast and started her journey after having her first child. Wanting to start a hobby after start motherhood, she thought why not blogging. Katrina relates to other 30 something moms talking about all things life and style. She has been able to build a tight connection with many moms in the community as well as brand collaborations after starting her journey.


Amanda- Fashion, and Lifestyle Blogger


Curious about the blogging scene, Amanda decided to start her journey a while back and has recently started taking her online journey to a new level. She inspires her online tribe with various outfits to lifestyle finds. When Amanda is not sharing snip bits of her life, she works in real estate as her 9-5.


Nupur Singh- Founder of Young Entrepreneurs


Nupur Singh is former Goldman Sachs analyst turned social media and content strategist. She has been working with clients ranging from startups to large enterprises to help them build and grow their social media presence.

Apart from a daily job as a social media consultant, Nupur is an avid fashion and lifestyle blogger with over 20K followers on Instagram and over 25K monthly views on her fashion blog. She specializes in helping brands create a powerful online presence through social media, content, influencer marketing, paid social, etc. She is also aYoutuber and creates weekly videos on various snippets of her life and fashion. Check it outhere.

She is also the founder of Young Founders Connect, an invite-only group which empowers entrepreneurs and enthusiasts with digital marketing knowledge and connections through high-touch networking events and workshops

She has appeared on various panels including Tech Fashion Week, Beauty Expo, SFFW, etc.


Instagram: @socialnupur



Zory Mory- Travel with Zory


Hi, I’m Zory (@zorymory)! I’m a photographer, visual designer, content creator, and introvert who has always used visuals as a way of self expression. In a way, creating things is my way of communicating ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Other fun facts about me: I’m a shoe addict (good shoes take you good places, right?), Netflix binge watcher, and a taco connoisseur. I’ll be leading this trip alongside Henry (@humminglion), a travel, portrait, and lifestyle photographer. From navigating insane rush hour traffic in Hanoi via motorbike to watching Caribbean baby turtles hatch under the full moon, Henry loves conveying the emotion of the moment through his lens.



Instagram: @zorymory


Jasmine Dustin- Stylish Hippie


Small town girl from a rural town in New Hampshire. At the age of 18 I packed up three suitcases and made the trek to LA to pursue my dream of becoming a model. By the time I was 19 I had 2 magazine covers under my belt and a billboard on the famous Sunset Blvd. My modeling career took me around the world to some of the most beautiful locations only most dream of. When I turned 24 I booked the hit TV show “Deal or No Deal” as one of the briefcase babes. Being on a TV set sparked a new passion, a passion to not only be in magazines but on the big screen as well. Being in the entertainment industry gave me a platform to give back, which is the reason I started my own charity Cause 4 Paws. Ive been giving back to the homeless community and their pets for the last 7 years here in Los Angeles.
I’m a hippie at heart that loves to frolic the beaches in my bare feet, drink Pinot Nior and see where the days takes me…..always up for a new adventure..big or small.

Instagram: @jasminedustin

Tara- CEO of Justly Market


Tara Teng is an ethical fashion blogger, Miss World Canada 2012, a TEDx speaker, and the CEO of Justly Market. She is a big believer in impacting the world for the better and chooses to invest her time in working to improve gender inequality and ending human trafficking alongside some amazing organizations.  Her advocacy work has helped to pass new laws in Canada that protect victims of human trafficking and she has established Canada’s first Municipal Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. She was named Canada’s “Woman on the Year” in 2011, named one of the Globe and Mail’s “Top 25 Most Transformational Canadians”, received an International Heroes award from the Joy Smith Foundation, as well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in recognition of her vast human rights work.

In her personal life, Tara is a wife and mother to two young children. She continues to invest in her community as a mentor with the Miss BC leadership program and often speaks at local schools and events in the community.

Instagram: @misstarateng


Codi Lynn- Adventures, Inspiration and Connections


Hello! Thanks for being here, love that you are interested in learning more about me. My name is Codi Lynn and I am the Fraser Valley Mom Blogger behind Creative Wife and Joyful Worker. Born and raised in Abbotsford, BC I have a pretty good knowledge of the Valley but also a love for getting out to adventure and travel.

With a passion for motherhood, decor, photography, travel and all things creative I started this blog.  It has grown into a space that is both welcoming and uplifting for those that visit as I strive to create content that is relatable and encouraging to other mothers. Life isn’t always perfect, but I try my best to enjoy every day and make the best of every situation.

The easiest way for me to connect is through humor in everyday moments. Because life isn’t perfect, we mine as well laugh at ourselves, learn from mistakes and share them with others when we can. I’d love to get to know you better, so please connect if you are interested in collaborating or partnership. Come follow along on Instagram, my favorite Social media platform and get to know us even better.

XO Codi Lynn

Instagram: @creativewifeandjoyfulworker

Danielle Wiebe- Founder of Business Babes Collective


Danielle Wiebe is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and founder of “Business Babes Collective”  She is passionate about building community, hosting events, consulting, speaking and masterminding. She started out in the business world through marketing, events and social media and went on to help her Mom (and lifetime entrepreneur) Linda, build a global consulting company. Danielle discovered her love for building relationships and networking and in 2015 Launched the Vancouver Chapter of Business Babes Collective,Vancity Business Babes. Since then, Business Babes Collective has grown to include 5 chapters from all across North America. She now spends most of her time helping women level up their businesses through taking massive action on their dreams.


Instagram: @danilivinglife@businessbabesco@vancitybusinessbabes@actiontakersclub




Nude Canada


We’re just a couple of local guys with one big goal: make the best alcoholic beverages. We’re done with the sugary, hangover-inducing beverages on the market, even the ones that are supposed to be “better for you”.

Instead of waiting for a better option, we created it. Introducing Nude Vodka Soda, a sugar-free, sweetener-free, and gluten-free alcoholic beverage with only 100 calories per can. Nude is made with triple distilled vodka, sparkling water, and all natural fruit extracts and essences. We worked with an award-winning natural beverage developer, resulting in a crisp and refreshing beverage that we believe is the new standard in the beverage industry.

Drink nude.

Instagram: @nudevodkasoda

Whoosh Tea


Blended with black tea, peppermint, orange, rose petals, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavor, rose flavor, natural bergamot flavor & natural creme flavor


Instagram: @adagioteas

The Lash Mob


As long as lash extensions have been ” a thing” I’ve been getting them done. I’ve experienced everything from the hole in the wall salon, the at home salon, to the luxury lash only service boutique. These experiences have shown me what I want to receive as a lash client, the atmosphere that I’m looking for during my appointment and how dedicated the staff are to my concerns and needs. I apply the concept of “if it were me, what would I want” and I only want the best, so that’s what I thrive to achieve for you.

My guarantee to you is to take the time, to go over exactly what look/pattern suits your lifestyle best, while ensuring you have the proper knowledge about the products I use,

the aftercare and upkeep.

I offer only dramatic mixed sets which are hybrid sets of volume fans ( hand made) alternating with classic individual lashes.

I offer my services in the comfort of my own home but also offer mobile services for those visiting the Ibiza for a few days.

Instagram: @thelashmobla

Match You Style Rentals

Match you





Kitchen – Coffee – GROCERY

Whether you’re looking for the perfect cup to start your day, a fresh cooked meal that makes you feel like home, or daily provisions to stock your shelves – we have what you’re looking for. We hope you come by soon.


Instagram: @dalinavancouver

Jack Daniels ( San Fransisco)

Jack daniels



Instagram: @jackdaniels_us



Our mission is to meet, share insight, learn from each other and beside each other while growing as individuals & business owners. When women genuinely support each other, it is amazing what can happen. By creating an opportunity to meet like-minded female entrepreneurs we will be able to empower one another and grow together.

Instagram: @yegbossbabes




What cities is the BlogIt tour going too?

Vancouver, San Fransico, Los Angeles, Toronto, Halifax, Calgary and Edmonton


What do tickets include?

Tickets include admission to this event, panel conversation with some of the leading influencers, refreshments, goodies from sponsors and more.

Where can I buy my tickets?

Tickets are bought on You can also purchase tickets directly through the Facebook group.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are non-refundable.

Will I get to chat with the panelists!

Of course! After the panel, you will have the opportunity to chat with many amazing attendees as well as the panelists to ask any questions and to meet them.

Who should go to this event?

If you are a blogger, influencer, online business owner, content creator or hoping to start your journey of any of the above, this event is for you. Get the opportunity to ask various experts from different niches about the industry, introduce your self to various brands and more. This is a great event to go to with friends and solo where you can make new friends in the industry.