BlogIt with ShikaChica Podcast

BlogIt x ShikaCHica

We all have all have a story that we can share based on the experience we have and the people we meet. After being online for over 2 years, I have met so many people along the way that have been a huge contribution to my successes. Now I want to help you #chicas out by making a podcast called BlogIt with Shika Chica.

As you know, BlogIt is a community that brings blogger, influencers, online business owners and content creators together to learn from of the best in the industry, connect with other aspiring creators and grow together while supporting one another visions and projects.

Being a social media mentor for almost a year now, creating a tribe of over 44k amazing content creators and visionary chicas online, I want to now help, teach and inspire you to do the same in your own way. I also want to get to know you better and bring our #shikachica family closer.

BlogIt with ShikaChica will talk about various topics related to social media, blogging, influencers, online branding, traveling, wellness and great topics of conversions. From getting free social media tips to learning about how to save up to your dream vacation to talking about how to decrease stress through wellness practices. This podcast will help you take control of your life in all aspects, professionally, personally and mentally. I am so excited to serve you in all ways possible.