Conscious Abundant Academy

Behind the Scenes of Social Media Methods for my mentees, conscious creative and business owners, Can’t Stop Talking About!

Join Me On An Exclusive Webinar Revealing How I Used Social Media To create an Abundant and helped my mentees do the same

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to the Concious Abundant Academy! I am Shika.

I have over 7 years of expirence in social media, marketing and public relations and I help concious business owners, creatives and those wanting to start learning how to use social media as a tool to bring abundance and communication what their mission is to their community. QUICKLY AND EASILY.

It’s my mission.

The great news, I saved you a spot to my webinar so you can learn some of the miss used concepts and beleifes about social media that are holding you back.

I have all the methods and tips that you can use and personalize to help on your way to an abundant life. 

At first I only offered this information to my 1:1 mentees and I feel that EVERYONE should have access to this information.

I want to give this information to as many concious beings that are wanting to use social media as tool behind their mission, their legacy, their calling. You deserve to not have to worry about social media again and learn how to use it as a tool efficently instead of feeling overwhelmed.

This is the ONLY AND FIRST PROGRAM for concious spirtual and wellness creatives and business owners. 

All that being said, I want to offically invite you to our webinar right now so you can get a taste of what the program is all about as well as share some exciting news with you.

Here’s a Sneak Peak of What the Conscious Abundant Academy Has For You:

  • Learn how to use social media efficiently
  • Grow an engaging and conscious community online
  • Learn Social Media 101
  • YouTube 101
  • Facebook 101
  • Learn How to Do Micro Adverting
  •  How to Create Content
  • How to Plan Content for the week in 2 hours
  • How to have multiple streams of income as a creative or business owner
  • How to Use Pinterest 
  • Much More

Your community is waiting for you

By taking part in the concious social media mentoring course you will profoundly impact yourself and your own life, as well as your online community and clients/ customers! And I can’t wait to show you just how transformational these simple steps are
Honestly, we know how challenging it can appear to relinquish old, unconscious patterns and beliefs such ass comparing your self to other accounts, struggling to guess what this algorthim thing is and being consistent on social media while respecting your boundries.
As much as social media is a great tool, I will show you how you can still have powerful connection and impact those who connect with your story and mission without feeling drained.
That’s why the concious social media mentoring  is so amazing! It doesn’t take years to figure it out – it can literally happen within weeks.  
We are so excited to share more about the concious social media mentoring course and share some secrets of the biggest myths about being successful on social media in this Webinar. Please don’t miss the opportunity you have been waiting for to finally live a life of freedom and abundance and, if you choose, help others do exactly the same. 
With love,

Shika xo