What it means to me? #Internationalwomensday

A day to applaud all the women that brought us into this world. Al the women that fought for gender equality and have made history. All the women that continue to be amazing role models and make the world a better place on way or another. The creation of a woman is beautiful and it deserves to be celebrated not only today but every day.

I wanted to do a reflection on what international women’s day means. Like all the many many holidays and celebration, my motto is the same, it should the celebrated 365 days in the year. That being said I can appreciate a day to remind the world the look at the most influential people in their life and honor and praise those women with some love and some recognition. 

My first women that I celebrate day to day and is probably a common one for most women is my mom. She is the hardest worker I know, says most when they are asked to say one woman that impacted them. This woman did her masters, raised me, worked two jobs and was a mom to me, and an awesome one may I add, all at the same time. She showed me to work hard and that I should never let anyone tell me I cannot do anything. Now let me tell you, I continue to work hard and work against peoples opinions and doubts against me. I have had so many from not being able to go to university to not being able to read to not being able to do my blog to not being able to finish my 100 meter run and receive first place and I can proudly say that I was able to surpass and excel way beyond all of those assumptions. I love public speaking and read great. I completed my university degree with honors. I did my blog and I am excited to see what other opportunities it brings me because the opportunities continue day by day. I got first place in the school board for my 100-meter dash race. So, in other words, I kicked them out of the water! That being said, being a woman you unfortunately still face gender discrimination. Has it improved? Yes tremendously yet there is still a long way to go and my mom did warn me that do not let anyone tell you-you cannot do anything because you are a girl. I did not know the significance of that advice then but I sure understand it now, which is why I encourage women using this day to not only celebrate your self but celebrate other strong women in your life and that you look up too. 

Another huge part of celebrating yourself as a woman is having self-confidence. I have gone through one crazy roller coaster especially the last three years and having self-confidence in your self that you can do something is key. I tend to do that by reflecting o my self-goals and how I am improving myself on a day to day basis ( I do that by reflecting on my journal and writing down my goals). I also go to the gym. I am a huge believer healthy mind healthy body. They go hand in hand and you can not have one without the other.. I go to the gym not only for the physical results but the mental results. I see a huge difference in my mood and it has helped me a lot with my depression. You do not need to be an athlete but 30mins a day doing something active such as having a dance party in your room, doing yoga or going for a walk, will make a huge difference in your day and ensure you are ready for your day and set up mentally and physically for your day. 

Now a huge part of both of these aspects comes from women that I look up too such as my mom, Princess Diana, Michelle Obama and more. These women are strong leaders and have busy schedules as well as a demanding life. It is important for them to have a balance in their life and have time to take care of themselves to be ready for success every day and to avoid burning out. That being said, international women’s days I want to celebrate myself and the amazing women around me that I looked up too or that have made me who I am ( even if they do not know they have). Let celebrate our feminine energy that has made up such amazing beings for this world. 

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  1. As a young adolescent, I would go to the local GAA club to be greeted with the same old faces, day in, day out. But all this has changed. Today, in that same sports club, there is a revelation beyond the ocean of dumbbells, rowing machines and medicine balls.

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