Travel 2018- What’s Next?

A lot of you chicas have been asking me where will I go next and how often I will be traveling. As mentioned before, I am going through a lot of life changes this year. Nice living space at the end of summer and beginning of fall, going after my dream career and working on my self. I am making traveling my top 5 priority for this year to help me grow as a person, experience things outside or my comfort zone and meet new people from all walks of life.

There are so many different places to travel too, however, I have decided on a few places I would love to travel to this year:


The city of sun, hipsters, beach, and sand. All the things I love and more. I have never been to California and with Coachella coming up soon, I would love to attend. I will be going with a couple of my girls most likely in April for a week. I am excited to check out the food scene, collab with other creators and check out some warehouses for a project that I am working on for you loves ( I am so excited to share it with you guys when I can).


Bali is everywhere and literally half of the Instagram feed. I have always wanted to go to Indonesia, more specifically Udub and Bali for years. Spirituality and wellness is a huge part of my life. I would love to do a ‘self-love/ healing’ retreat in Udub and explore the vegan food, beaches and find some great content creators to connect with. I also would love to go hiking and check out the waterfalls there as I am a huge nature lover. I am hoping to go either in Spring of September this year. All depends on California.


Fitting perfectly with Indonesia, I would love to check out Thailand. The food, culture, beaches, hiking, elephant sanctuary, snorkeling, go on a tuk-tuk, enjoying the nightlife and enjoy the amazing weather. I have friends and family who have gone to Thailand and loved it. Some had great personal growth experiences other just left a part of their heart in the country because they love it so much. I am so excited to experience all of that and more. Again, the spiritual beings that are here, the amount of travelers you will meet from all over the world is endless and to understand the culture and the people from Thailand is something I am looking forward to.


The country of salsa and such rich culture. If you haven’t found out already, I love Latin culture. The language, food, people, music, dancing, everything! I would love to check out the nightlife in Medline, go to all the lovely beaches in Cartenga and check out the local artist, history and walk the streets of Bogata. I also love how Colombia has such a rich soccer community and would love to witness watching a live soccer game in the stadium and then celebrate it like a true Colombian at a bar or street party.


Yes, I have been here before and yes I talk about this place every day all day! It is such a huge country with each city being so different you could have sworn you went to a new country. I would love to travel the northern cities of Brazil as I only lived and explored the south parts. Rio de Janerio, Sao Paulo, Salvador and more. I am excited to see the difference of history and culture compared to the south which is very European. Also, I love the language and want to practice my Portuguese and miss the people as well.


Another place that I have traveled too, however, I honestly only spent three days in Barcelona and did not even get to see the city and the country. I would love to go back to Barcelona. I did not see much of it. I would want to check out the nightlife, go Sangreda Familia, check out the markets, museums and just enjoy the people and the culture. I would also in all honestly would love to be a beach bum and relax on the beach all day. A few other cities I would love to go to is Madrid, Seville and Valencia.


Now let’s get real here I will probably gain a few pounds because of all the great food such as fries and Belgium waffles however what I really want to explore is the fashion. Amsterdam is a huge fashion hub that I honestly do not give people from Amsterdam enough credit. I love how effortlessly fashionable everyone looks there. I would love the rade the vintage shops and bike around the city.

South Africa

As you know I love my wine. A lot of my favorite wines are from South Africa and my dream would be to go wine tasting there. I would also love to check out a great hipster cafe, go hiking, lay on the most beautiful beaches in the world, find some cute penguins, go on a safari and check out the museums. Those are just some of the many things South Africa has to offer. I wouldn’t even mind living there for abit over the winter for a month or two however with the daught going on we will see.


I have always dreamed to go to October fest, dress up traditionally and just immerse myself in the culture. Why not right. Germany is another fashion hub and I was always fascinated at how advance their economy is compared to many countries in the world. I am loking forward to also eating lots of sasuage and tasting local beers of course.

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