What Makes your Life Whole?

I have always been someone that works 110% and above for my goals in life and for success. Lately, I have been taking a lot of time to connect and reflect on myself.

I am definitely someone that is a narturer. I tend to put all my needs aside and give all my time and energy to someone else. That can be good when people are in need however it can be your worst enemy as you tend to hold onto things longer and forget about taking care of the most important person on your list, yourself. 

As I start to change my lifestyle for the life I want to have I go through a lot of questions and one of the biggest ones is what makes your life whole. By whole, I mean what makes your life complete for you. As I pounder on this question multiple times in a day I think my family, friends, being in a stable yet my dream career, saving money to travel the world and taking care of my body both mentally and physically. Funny enough as I sit down at the end of my day, sip my tea and think and reflect in my journal there are a few things that come to mind.

I discovered that my idea of a whole and the reality of my life and what path I am on currently do not mirror one another. I love going out with my friends and having a good time, yet with that comes spending more money that I can use to travel and I find myself tired and my anxiety is more sensitive due to having a few glasses of wine too many. I want a career that I love and want to wake up too yet I woke in a career in my day job that is a 9-5pm job and I have no drive to be locked into a job I truly don’t like anything about it except for the fact that it will put food on the table and pay for the roof above me. 

I find myself, and some of you find yourself as well in a pickle where you want to live your dream life but you do not know where to start. You are stuck and find yourself spending so much time dwelling on the life that you live in. 

So I ask myself this question again, what makes a life whole? For me, it is a life that I can wake up too and enjoy the ups and downs of the journey and take each day as a lesson and an experience that I can share with myself and others. A whole life is balancing yet also sacrificing the happiness of others to fulfill the happiness of your own. A whole life is being in tune with yourself and your body and understanding and acting on what you should do not what you feel you need to do. These are all points that I believe bring me a happy life and will keep bringing me a happy life of true wholeness.

I am not perfect yet I want to improve myself one day at a time and show you chicas that it is ok to not be ok with the reality of the life you live and that you can get out of it yet it is all up to you to do so. It will take some time and remember patience is a virtue. Remember to stay in tune with your self and to check in with your self and ask your self, what makes your life whole because no one else will make it whole but your self.  

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