Teddy Fur Coat OOTD

Another fur coat! Was it hard to guess. It has been freezing here in Canada and I am going to keep bundling up in many layers untill the spring comes along.

For today’s blog post I wanted to show case a different style of faux fur, teddy faux fur jacket. It feels like a giant fuzzy sweater in a form of a jacket. I have seen this style all over in various stores, and this trend is one that is both fashionable and pratical ( as well all know not every trend tends to be practical). 

I wanted to really make this main focus of the whole look so I decided to keep it simple ( as I usually do). I added a thin yet basic black ribbed knit crop top from Brandy Melvile. Then for the jeans I added my classic Levis jeans. You can never go wrong with a Levis jeans and I fine the more you wear them, the better they look.

For finishing touches, I added these cute black leather simple ankle boots from Zara and my aviator glasses from H&M to really give the overall look a nice final touch.

All in all I really love how comfy this outfit it and how easy it is to style. So next time you see a cozy teddy bear fur jacket or sweater I would recommend buying it especially if you are in the crazy weather like I am or if you just want to binge watch your favourite show ( in my case Narcos, Scandle, How to Get Away with Murder and Black Mirror lol) and want something to keep you warm and cozy.

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