Festive Skirt and Green Turtleneck OOTD

With the Christmas season coming right around the corner. I am ready for the restive metallic pieces to add to my closet. I decided to start the first week of December with this fun embroidered skirt from Simons. I love the color gold, red and green metallic patterns on it that scream the Christmas season. I then added my green olive turtleneck to this look this time slightly tucking the front of it to give a high low illusion and to essentiate the waist. I love the chunky knit as it gives the look more depth against the satin skirt.

Now as you all know, I love layers and layers is an easy way to make a look seem like you really put more effort. I added this cute brown suede jacket that I love from H&M. Now, because the turtleneck is so thick, you want to layer with a thinner piece such as this jacket. 

Then to finish the look I added my Call it Spring brown high knee boots. They match the coat and match the earthy tones that we are going for in this look. As for accessories I added my Medium rose gold watch and my black hat with the silver detailing ( which goes perfectly with the metallic touches on the skirt and the watch). 

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