Tribute to the November 11th- OOTD

With the poppy’s being a global symbol to all the soldiers that fought for us in history and and this weekend being November 11th, I wanted to make a outfit dedicated to this special day. I have family that serve in the army and through studying my ancestors found out a large portion of my family served in the war in France and Italy. 

I teamed up with Rent Frock and Repeat that have this beautiful coat dress that I absolutely love. You can wear this as a dress on its own and the cinched waist really shows your figure which I love yet it still has a conservative classy style to it. If you want to make it more casual you can throw some jeans with and a black blouse or tank top, tie a bow at the back of the coat, have it open and voila you have a trench coat which looks just as classy just more wearable for during the day. 

I really love the detailing of the poppy’s on against the green that really symbolize the poppy’s in Flounders field as a tribute to all those who fought for us, helped our solderers and most importantly our history. 

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