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This past weekend I launched my first of many events Vogue Darling with the goal to connect with other influencers and bloggers while exposing and building a relationship with various brands within the beauty, fashion, and wellness industry. 

Ottawa is a big city with a small town atmosphere and with the influencers and bloggers community just beginning to expand,  it makes it hard for us to come together. Moreover, my goal is to get everyone in my city and Canada this year to connect, inspire and grow with one another allowing Canada’s to be on the map for influencer marketing over social media platforms. Through various events and a upcoming road trip conference near the year end, we will be able to connect with brands, encouraged to collaborate, understand what makes a good influencers, how to find a right brand that matches your brand on your blog and as a influencers and empower other creators that are hesitant to put their creations out there. 

Now the event is done, now what? Well Toronto is what! The next big event will be March 10to the 11th gathering starting and established influencers and bloggers to attend workshops learn about brands and connect with other creators outside their bubble. The best way to be the best version of your self is to collaborate and learn from another’s strengths and weaknesses.

With Toronto only a few months away, I find my self-pacing as I feel like I am not that busy anymore and have so many idea and the project I want to fulfill. Which is where you all come in. What city are you from? Would you like a conference like that in your city? What things would you like to learn about to make your self a better influencer and blogger? All questions that will be answered.  

I can not say it enough how excited I am and how grateful I am for the people I have in my life and a big part of that is being able to connect with other likeminded people over the course of the past few months. Now lets continue that jounrey and take over every city one by one to make each other leaders and inspire one another through out creations. 

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