Ottawa Cancer Society Fashion Show with Rent Frock and Repeat

Its something that affects us one. It could be a loved one, friend or someone that we have met in our life. It is not easy to go through but with the support of others around you and a coach to take you through the way it can really help.

My uncle over five years ago died from a brain tumor. Countless times flying ti Canada to get surgery every few months. Taking various medications his body eventually started to shut down. He went from walking, playing soccer and traveling all the time to being in a wheelchair because his body began to shut down, not being able to walk and no longer being able to travel anywhere or even leave his home. Within three months I saw my uncle got worst and worst until he passed away.


My cousin was 16 when she found out that leukemia was getting worst. She had it for a few years now but she was getting to the stage where a bone marrow transplant was needed. She was highly active in the community, on the honors list, being a highly active student within the community and captain of her cheerleading team. Unfortanly when the bone marrow transplant did not work and over the period of four months she slowly became unresponsive and by the last two weeks her body was rejecting the IV and she passed away.

Those are only two of many stories of how cancer affected my family and my loved ones. It’s not something that anyone should go through and it’s devastating to watch.

So when I got the invitation from Rent Frock and Repeat to come to the event my heart filled with happiness and excitement to support an organization that has to affect me in my life. 

They offered complimentary wine and people got to socialize at the event before it the fashion show began.They dressed up all the survivors and their personal coaches from head to toe with beautiful designers dresses, they got their hair and makeup done and they were ready to walk the runway.

As they walked down the runway, their narrated a letter that each survivor wrote to themselves about their journey while battling cancer and how they overcame it. The coaches, on the other hand, wrote about how helping them get through their days and making sure they are motivated was the most rewarding part of their journey. 

By the end of the fashion show, I felt the pain, courage, and joy that each survivor experienced. I was walking in their shoes as they stepped onto the runway and courageously told their story to their loved ones, friends and family, strangers and other individuals that are fighting cancer today. 

After attending the event I thought about how these women took fear into their hands to motivate themselves. As mentioned before, fear is an interesting thing. It can work against you or with you. The choice, however, is yours. These women used fear to keep going, work with their coaches, friends, and family to fight their bigger fear and challenge, cancer. In doing so, these women stand before us to tell their story to motivate others that anything can over come through the will of self-motivation through fear. As weird as it sounds I was left emotional from this event because these women mirrored the fear I faced when my life was upside down, I couldn’t get out of bed and I was not mentally healthy. These women, like me, took that negativity and used it as positive energy to move past it and overcome whatever came their way.