LBD Gets Furry

Best part of fall is by far the fact that you can layer pieces over a simple outfit. One of my favorite pieces to layer with is any heavy faux fur piece of clothing. It give you a bougois feel your outfit and its like wearing a big fashionable blanky 24/7. You are definitely winning investing or even cheeping out on a trendy fur piece for your wardrobe.

I decided to invest in this case in a Zara fur vest that is reversible. Yes reversible. Did I mention that you are winning because it’s literally two pieces in one. I layered this piece off a slip dress that I bought from Marshalls and layered once again with a body suit bell sleaves turtleneck under the dress. 

With the dress, it is a simple example once again of taking a summer staple item and transitioning it in your fall wardrobe. To make it weather appropriate, you add a long sleeve under the slip dress and volia, you have a completely new garnet due to the creativity and resources of your staples in your closet.

For the fur vest, fur is a huge trend that is coming back from the 70’s. You know that time when you wear bell bottoms and you have the bell sleeves and the over sized fur jackets, heading to the disco to dance the night away on a Saturday night? Yah this vest is all that. I decided to keep is classy and neutral picking the white and black fur vest so it can work with more colors and it will last in my closet in comparison to a pattern. Layering this vest gives the outfit texture which is a key tip when you are styling fall outfits. Texture is the essence of most fall outfits. 

This outfit is great for a night dinner, work or even if your just want to look ‘bougie’ on a Sunday afternoon at the downtown farmers market.

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