Red Plaid Scarf Makes a LBD So Much Better

A little black dress (LBD) makes everyone life just that much more easier. Regardless of the occasion, you can wear on to everything. Weddings, girls night out, work, casual stroll in the market. Literally everywhere. 

I decided to taking this black slip LBD that I bought from Marshalls a make it a summer look. I decided to layer a fitted turtle neck on-top. This will create a top and skirt affect for the outfit. One of the best tricks is using a dress and converting it into a skirt and a top by layering a top over the dress. This will honestly give you more options in your closet for alternative outfit creations. 

Now that we have our ‘LBD’ we can can layer with accessories to really make it stand out. I added this amazing red plaid scarf from Zara. This scarf is a life saver. When you are cold at your desk at work it works as a blanky or on the plane. Its also an amazing wind guard when you are in negative forty degrees ( anyone who has not experienced that, you are one lucky duck). I then added a neutral pop of colour with the over nude brown knee boots. The high knee boots and suede texture gives dimension to the whole outfit.

Now you are ready to stroll in the leaves in a park or go to a Sunday market in style. 

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