Turtleneck Take 2- Army Denim

Army denim is back for the fall and I am enjoying it. I always have a staple camouflage piece in my closet since camouflage  is one of those trends that keep coming back around every year in some shape or form. For this look I want to incorporate the turtle neck just to chow you guys how versatile a turtle neck can be for the upcoming fall and winter months. 

I first added these camouflage distress jeans that I bought a long time ago at Forever 21. I am pretty sure you will be able to find the same ones or similar pair if you make your way to your local Forever 21. I then added, once again, my vintage black knitted turtle neck to keep the top half of my outfit basic and allow the attention to be focused on the jeans.

As an optional add on, I added this duster coat which is once again vintage from my moms closet. I love the over sized comfy look it has and the slit detail on the sides, making sure you can still see the camouflage jeans. For shoes I added these brown high knee boots from Call it Spring. I had them from last year and they sill look amazing. The earthy tone of the brown boots match the camouflage denim perfectly. 

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