Red Leather Jacket and Retro Prints/ Feels OOTD

One of my favourite parts about fashion is the fact that it will repeat its self over time. You can go in your grandmother and mothers closet and find hidden treasures that is close to impossible to find on someone else.

I decided to choose this brown and red retro pattern top  which I found from my moms closet. The corky design had me intrigued to challenge myself to style it. I added this top with my leather black skirt from Danier Leather. I really wanted this outfit to be a show stopper and what better way to do that then to ad heavy texture such as leather. With the detailing of the zippers it gives dimension to the look.

Apparently a leather jacket was not enough for me so I added a red leather jacket that I bought at a random boutique in Paris 5 years ago. The colour wraps the outfit all together as it matches the pattern of the top yet the texture of the skirt. One of the best ways to mak a look come together is to compliment the other pieces of the outfit in a opposite as I did here.

Now the outfit is almost complete, I added these retro over sized aviator glasses from H&M to top my outfit back from the times and my simple black lace up shoes from Call it Spring. Since the outfit has so much character already, I wanted to keep the footwear and accessories as minmal as possible. 

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