I’m All ‘Chess’ed Out With this OOTD

With cold weather comes the excuse to have many many more blazers and coats. I love them because they automatically make your outfit look put together. I decided why not slowly get the fall weather going by adding this checkered jacket from Forever 21.

I love the wool texture that this coat has. You always want to ensure that your outfit has three things, texture, colour and pattern. This coat is covering the pattern and texture basses for you and the rest can be as simple as a white piece of paper yet it will look effortlessly amazing with this luxury looking coat. 

I then decided to add simple classy pieces to the rest. I added these cut off hemmed light wash jeans from H&M that you guys have seen style previously. The seem going down in the front and the cut off skinny style is a small yet perfect detail to add something different to your usual light wash denim jeans. These jeans are slightly high waist which are great for when you want to wear a body suit, so I decided why not? I then added this black plunging cross over body suit from Zara. I can not express enough how many times I have used this body suit for countless outfits. Its great as an under shirt, to wear to go out, for a cardigan, or even a blazer. The options are limitless. So be prepared to see this bad boy again shortly.

Low I am getting ready for fall yet its not that cold as of yet. So the tank top style body suit will keep you cold throughout the day and the checkered jacket is perfect for at night when the temperature drops drastically. 

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