Mixing Pattens OOTD- Demin Meets Polka Dots

Sometimes its great to stick to no patterns. You have more options  as far as what you can wear basic pieces with and can stay in your closet longer as they are so simple and become basic to your wardrobe. 

This time I am doing the complete opposite. As the weather gets colder, I look forward to wearing dark lip sticks and looking for cooler tones pieces for the season. I decided I would challenge the colder weather with this  cute pokadot dress that is vintage ( from mamas closet haha). I then added a sheer black long sleeve top from Marshalls to keep my warm and to add more dimension to this look. It is also a great layering trick if you do have pieces that are meant for the warmer time of year and want to wear it in the winter, ass the long sleeve under it.

I put on this cute comfy light wash denim jeans jacket from Zara. I love the contrast the denim does to the black and white dress. Now to add some more fun and patterns, I added this red scarf from I do not remember. I want to say Zara or Aritizia though all I knew is I looked the colour and wanted to challenge it to this look and it turned out great! 

I added this cute grey hat from H&M that I love. Nothing says fall the n getting a fendora hat such as this one. It just changes the look completely and I feel that it makes you automatically trendy. Trust the person with the hat, always. 

For shoes we wanted t keep it simple yet sexy so I added these strappy black heels that I wear way to often from Call it Spring. It gives you some height that balances the length of the dress perfectly.

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