Velvet Floral Tassel Vest OOTD

With the summer being really short this year, I find myself slowly changing my wardrobe to a more fall and cozy weather appropriate selection. I really want to show you chicas ways to use some items from last season that you can trasistion to your fall wardrobe. This not only allows you be creative, however save money and you are able to focus on other staple pieces for your wardrobe.

For this look I decided to take the classic time less white button down collared shirt that I honest got from my moms closet ( I can contest that my moms closet is one of my favourite places to get my finds from). I then added a basic trimmed hem straight jeans from H&M.

Now its time to add the main attraction of this whole look, the velvet tassel vest from Forever 21. The texture and the tassels screamed to me. The funny part is I actually found this find in the clearance chaotic section at Forever 21. You know, the section where no one dares to touch because its three times worst them Winners as far as finding you size or finding something you like. My sister and I had time to kill and decided to give it a chance since they had buy one get one free and BOOM, we found this fun number hidden for only $15. Moral of the story loves, sometimes its worth going through that section if you have the time and patience.

Now what type of chicas would I be if I did not add these cute suede high knee boots from Just Fab? A disappointing one. I added these bad boys to finish this look and I love it. There you have it a simple pairing that gives a whole new look with one item, the vest. 

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