Chicas Life Lessons- The Unexpected Becomes the Expected


I have had a roller coaster of events that have been coming my way over the past year or two. Some of them very emotional changes, other medical complication, and career changes. We all have expectations of where we think we should be in life as those practices are engraved in our head as a child. ” When I grow up I want to be a doctor with four kids, a prince charming, a nice house with two cars and go on vacations and travel the world with my happy family.” Sounds familiar?

Well, as the journey of life continues, you realize that many of those dreams can happen however may not be what you like. Instead of going in the medical field, I feel lin love with communications, fashion, public speaking and giving back to the community. Instead of kids, I feel like I am more focus on a relationship with myself, healing mentally, working on a physically healthy lifestyle and getting more comfortable with myself.

Now it is definitely easier said than done and this is the part that has been allowing me to get used to the fact that its ok to not have the life that many people expect you to have at a certain age. Sometimes I do want to have that companionship, however,  am torn by the fact that I am not fully ‘myself’ yet to share that with someone and I still have so much growth to do. Even wanting to have a career that you can have the creativeness of Public Relations and fashion in a city where the creative industry is not quite common or easy to be successful in (due to the lack of opportunities).

Overall, the unexpected results of all those expectations one develops as a child diminish or change to a completely different path due to the experiences of life that shape each and everyone one of us into our own individual being. Now am I ok with it? In all honesty, I am but there is always that gut feeling of fear, vulnerability, and failure that sits behind our consciousness.

I am not on a journey of the unexpected. Instead of planning every journey with an expectation, I am planning every journey for a lesson and an experience to grow into the best individual I can be and let the universe do its work for the rest. As I go through those experiences, I will share my lessons, struggles and stories with you chicas here so we can all connect and learn from one another’s stories of the unexpected.