OOTD- Classic Black and Floral Jumper

This is an item that I feel everyone has purchased at some point. What makes this a little different is the fact that it is a jumper. I love jumpers ( as you can tell by my two posts so far). They are an easy shortcut to looking fashionably put together without the hassle of figuring out what top and bottom you need to coordinate and an even better option when you are running late to an event but don’t want to come across like you threw anything on you.

This jumper is from Forever 21. I love the cape that gives it an illusion of a long maxi dress with the comfort of shorts. The black allows the outfit to stay timeless in your closet as well which makes it a great piece to wear again for next season. For the shoes, I paired the beige strap up heels. The rose gold detailing matches perfectly with this floral patterned dress and the neutral color allows the dress to still be the star of the show.

I then added these amazing black and white sunglasses from Ferragamo which are from Point of View Optician. They give this vougeesk Italian diva vibe to the overal outfit. 

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